The Institute for Operational Success was founded in 2020 by experts from industry and science and focuses on innovative lean and management methods. Through the experience of various process optimizations in different industries and company forms, as well as research in the usage of new technologies and methods for designing lean business processes, the IFOSS team provides the know-how for further development of specialists and managers.


There are many trainers of lean and management methods on the market. Up to now, certification has tended to be based on paid training days rather than on competence gain, making it difficult to compare training programs from different providers.

IFOSS has made it its mission to set a standard for training with a focus on competence in the sector of lean and management methods and ensuring an educational standard in order to ensure comparability without much bureaucracy.

With an IFOSS certificate you can prove that you have certain knowledge, skills and competencies and prove that you meet a certain set of requirements.

Your IFOSS-Team  

Prof. Dr. Christoph S. Zoller
Institute Director

Timo Pointner
Institute Director

Wladimir Rempel

Marvin Steck

We are lean enthusiasts from science and industry and constantly looking for new ways to identify and eliminate waste. Through continuous education at German universities and the implementation experience in industry, we offer practice-oriented content in sophisticated and didactically proven formats. Our aim is to arouse enthusiasm for lean and management methods in our customers, taking into account current trends in science and practice.