Innovative content in the field of  Operational Excellence

The Institute for Operational Success offers customized concepts for the professional development and certification of specialists and managers and creates an individual training standard for the employee development in your company.


  • Competence certification
  • Ensuring a knowledge standard for operational success
  • Trainer Certification
  • Certification of in-house training and trainers
  • Multilevel certificate courses
  • Online test / on-site test


  • Competence transfer
  • Seminars with innovative topics
  • Open seminars on standard lean and management topics
  • Inhouse training
  • Lectures and seminars at the Cologne University of Applied Sciences
  • Sale of individualized simulations and training material for companies


  • Free education of high-performing students
  • Networking of students and companies
  • Training of next-generation leaders
  • Development of training content / educational concepts
  • Support in the transformation process
  • Support on the way to operational success


  • Best Practice Events
  • Free webinars on innovative topics
  • Best Practice Visits
  • Exchange of experience
  • Creation of win-win situations

Prof. Dr. Christoph S. Zoller
Institute Director

Timo Pointner
Institute Director